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Welcome to Nursery!


Our morning class is called Dolphins and our afternoon class is called Turtles. We have two teachers, Ms Wardale, who teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Bradley who is with us on a Thursday and a Friday. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Rudland, Mrs Cornwell, Miss Rudland and Miss Scott.





Autumn Term 2016


The children have settled into nursery really well. We have been making new friends and exploring both the inside and the outside areas. Our topic is Ourselves. We have painted with our hands and feet, and made paper plate faces. We have enjoyed reading stories about families and finding out about each other's families. In the doctor's role play area we have taken very good care of each other, removing ladybugs from our ears and our tummies!



                                                                                                    Ourselves 1
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The weeks have flown by, we've been so busy and the children are really well settled now. We hope your child is teaching you our 'Tidy up' song that we use in Nursery every day!?

Halfterm is next week - 24th - 28th October inclusive.

Our theme after the halfterm holiday will be Light/Dark and Celebrations.

We look forward to seeing you at the Parents'evenings on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th November.

Enjoy the break from school!

Since half term we have been learning lots and lots. For Hallowe'en we explored pumpkins and sang spooky counting songs. We had special remembrance day activities and we thought about why we wear poppies. For Children in Need we wore pyjamas, danced with Pudsey and played with the reception children. We have also really enjoyed the reception children visiting us in nursery, sharing the nursery rhymes they have been learning. To be displayed in the town hall at Christmas, we have decorated cds and we have worked really hard clearing the autumn leaves from the nursery garden! 

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And so the year goes on!

We have welcomed new friends in January 2017 and now again in April. All the children are settling really well.


Our current theme is Changing and Growing and with this in mind we are very much looking forward to our visit to Jimmy's Farm on Wednesday 17th May. This will be an all day visit for both Dolphin and Turtle Nursery children and we're sure it will be great fun. Our current newsletter is included below.


We are also enjoying some planting and growing activities of our own. We will be noticing and looking out for changes to the cress seeds, beans and tomato plants that we are cultivating.


Cooking continues as a big part of our activities and we are including some of our favourite recipes on the Nursery website.


We hope that you are enjoying the songs that your child is learning in Nursery?

Lots of them will come from the Song of Sounds Phonics scheme that we are currently introducing to the children and which will continue into the Reception Year. The children are loving them!


Another favourite is our 'Tidy up Song'......


I'm showing empty hands,

I'm showing empty hands.

I wriggle my fingers, 

I wriggle my toes.

I touch my head and I touch my nose.

I'm standing still,

I'm ready to listen.

It's Tidy up time now I've finished my rhyme!


Maybe it could be useful at home?!