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Parent Survey on Parental Engagement 2019-2020



At Whitehouse we are keen to work with parents and carers to enable each child to achieve their full potential. We think that one of the best ways to do that is to provide parents with as many opportunities as possible to come and share their son/daughter’s learning so that they have a better understanding of what is expected and are supported in helping their child make good progress.


What Went Well in the Autumn Term 19-20


  • Parents came to the school 2513 times in the Autumn Term
  • 40% of parents visited WHCPS 9 times last year and 35% 4 to 5 times
  • 88% of children had their parents attend Parents’ Evening
  • Parents’ Evenings were the most attended parental events
  • Learning Cafés were successfully introduced in Year 1, 2 and 6
  • An average of 60% of parents attended the Learning Cafés (30% in 18-19)
  • Feedback from parents and pupils on Learning Cafés all positive
  • 45 Y2 children surveyed about Learning Cafés agreed that they enjoyed learning alongside their parents
  • Pupils said that they would like regular Cafés throughout the year 
  • All the families who attended Families Connect would recommend the course to others
  • According to families, the course had had positive effects on:
       -> their child’s learning, confidence and behaviour
       -> their relationship with child
       -> their ability to support child with Maths, English and well-being
       -> the way they interacted with all children at home `
  • WHCPS families and staff have been selected by the Save the Children charity to be the face of their marketing campaign for the next 3 years

Learning Cafes

How is the school going to use feedback to move forward?




School/home communication

80% of parents prefer to be contacted by text rather than by letters or Newsletters.


School to use text to communicate with parents whenever possible.

Visits to school

A quarter of parents said that they would like more opportunities to learn alongside their child.


WHCPS will continue to offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to visit the school and to provide regular Learning Cafés to all families.


Teachers have put together a yearly schedule of Learning Cafés.

Main barriers preventing parents to attend events

Not being able to take time off work and no access to childcare were the two main barriers preventing parents to attend parental events.

School to vary days and times of events to cater for working parents. Avoid Wednesdays and 11-12.00 slot as requested by parents.


Schedule late evening and weekend events whenever possible.


Let parents have the date well in advance together with a detailed description so that they can make an informed choice.


Provide crèche whenever possible.

Information sessions for Parents

At least 70% of the parents said that they would find courses which enable them to support their child very useful. This included: Maths 84%, English 81%, Phonics 78%, Online Safety 75%.


Information sessions on Phonics/Maths and SATs have been scheduled for the Spring and Summer Terms in a range of classes.


A whole-school Online Safety Workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday 5th February 2020.


Some learning cafés will provide relevant information for parents.