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November 2018


We have been busy learning alturnative digraphs for some of our sounds. 

Here are the sounds we have learnt in Year One so far.


May I play ay ay ay

Train in the rain ai ai ai 

Bake a cake a_e a_e a_e


Busy busy bee ee ee ee

Beans in your dreams ea ea ea 

Perfect Pete e_e e_e e_e


Soar up high igh igh igh

Lazy lie in ie ie ie 

In a while crocodile i_e i_e i_e


Throw the snow ow ow ow 

Goat on a boat oa oa oa 

Phone home o_e o_e o_e


Zoom to the moon oo oo oo 

New jewels ew ew ew 

A huge cube u_e u_e u_e

November 2018


We have also learnt 6 new tricky words. These words cannot be sounded out and we just need to learn them. Remember to keep practicing at home. 









WB 24th September 2018.

This week in Phonics the children recieved a letter from 'Felicity' the Phoneme fairy! She was so pleased at how well the children have learned all their stage 1 Song of Sounds, it's now time for Stage 2!!!


While the children already know - May i play ay ay ay, this week we will be looking at the alternative spellings for making the same sound.


Train in the rain  ai ai ai    and     bake a cake  a-e a-e a-e


This week's spellings are shown below :-

day   stay    paint    tail    make  shape



WB 17th September 2018


This week in Phonics we are revising the tricky words the children first learnt in reception.


For their homework we would like the children to practice 6 of these words ready for a weekly spelling test on a Friday.


This week's words are shown below :


I    was    saw    the    my    all