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W.C. 7.3.16


We have now learnt all the sounds for the Reception year. This week we learnt er, ou, oy and air. We played sounds lotto and practised writing words in phoneme frames.


Can you make words with your sound cards at home?

W.C. 29.2.16


This week we learnt the sounds oo (as in moon), oo (as in book), ar and or. We have been practising reading and writing words with these sounds in.

We have also been writing sentences about our paintings of 'The Three Little Pigs'.


W.C 22.2.16


This week, we have been learning about tricky words. We           discussed that tricky words are words that we cannot sound out so we just have to remember them. We revised the tricky words we already know (to, go, the, I and no) and then learnt the tricky words he, she, we, be and me.


W.C. 8.2.16


This week, we have been practising all the sounds we have learnt so far. We have also been working out how many sounds are in words i.e. a-t has 2 sounds, n-igh-t has 3 sounds and e-l-b-ow has 4 sounds.


How many sounds are in the words below?











W.C. 1.2.16


This week we learnt the sounds ay, ee, igh and ow (as in snow). We practised reading words and phrases with these sounds in as well as sorted objects by which sound is in them.  


Can you think of any words with these sounds in?




Picture 1

W.C. 25.1.16


This week we learnt the sounds sh, ch, th and ng. We have also been practising the new songs and actions for all the sounds we have learnt so far. We played bingo to practise reading words with our new digraphs in and we also played a sorting game to decide whether the word had the sh, ch or th sound in.



Can you say if the pictures below have the sh, ch or th sound in?
Picture 1

Look at our super writing!

Last week, we learnt the sounds y, qu and z and the tricky words no and go. We will not be learning anymore sounds until after Christmas. We will spend the rest of this term practising the sounds and reading and writing words and sentences. Please continue to practise the sounds with your child at home.

Last week, we learnt the sounds h, b, f and l. We also introduced digraphs. A digraph is 2 letters stuck together to make one sound. So far we have looked at the digraphs ck, ss, ff and ll. Can your child find any digraphs in their reading book or in a book at home?


We will be moving onto tricky words this week. A tricky word is a word the children cannot sound out and they just need to remember. It is words such as the, to, no and go. I will be sending tricky words home for you to practise with your child.



We have now learnt 15 sounds. The sounds we have learnt are s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u and r.  We are doing really well with the sounds and some of us are beginning to use these sounds to read words. Please help your child by practising all the sounds we have learnt at home. 


I have also included some links below to help you and your child at home.



Articulation of Phonemes (sounds)

This is a useful video clip showing the correct pronounciation of all the sounds/phonemes that we will learn this year.

This week we learnt the sounds s, a, t and p. We covered the letter s in sssssand, we did a,a,apple printing on the letter a, we covered the letter t in t,t,tea and we painted the letter p with p,p,purple and p,p,pink p,p,paint.


If you are unsure on how to pronounce any of the sounds correctly, there are lots of Youtube videos to show you or if not please do not hesitate to ask me.