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Poison Dart Frogs

Welcome to Frogs class page! Use this page to check out some of the awesome and interesting work Frogs have completed in class.

The half term's topic- 'Set in Stone'


This half term sees Frogs learning all about their new topic, 'Set in Stone'. In history we will be learning about the Stone Age, finding out how Stone Age people lived and making comparisons to our lives today, whilst in science we will be studying different types of rocks. In art we will study caveman drawings that will result in us completing our own caveman drawings. Stay tuned to see some of our efforts!  

Explosive volcano afternoon


A big thank you to all the parents that came into school to help support Frogs in completing their volcano inspired artwork. Using Margeret Godfrey's colourful work as inspiration, Frogs worked in pairs to create collages out of tissue paper with the aim of conveying the colour and explosiveness associated with a volcano. There was some fantastic work created.


Come back soon to see some examples of our work. 

An eggcellent effort by Frogs


As part of our work learning all about the skeleton, Frogs were tasked with creating and building their own 'crash helmets' that had to protect an egg from a drop of over a metre high. With the egg representing the skull, Frogs had to choose the materials that they felt would be best up to the job of saving their egg. Although not all eggs made it, Frogs showed some eggstraordinary teamwork skills such as compromise and communication. Well done to the 3 teams that were able to build containers that were successful.