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RE News 2020/2021

Our RE learning for Aut 2 2020


Year 1-  Key question- What gifts might Christians in my town given Jesus is he was born here and not in Bethlehem? Children will be learning the Christmas story and exploring why Jesus was special. In addition to this they will be discussing Christmas gifts, what makes them special and why they are given.


Year 2- Key question- Why do Christians believe god gave Jesus to the world? Children will be revisiting the Christmas story focusing on understanding why God gave Jesus to the world. They will be exploring what problems the world faces and how we can help.


Year 3- Key question- Has Christmas lost it's true meaning? Children will be considering the giving and receiving of gifts and how this relates to the Christian Christmas story. They will be comparing Christian and non-Christian celebrations and debating the true meaning of Christmas. 


Year 4- Key question- What is the most important part of the Nativity story to Christians today?  Children will be identifying and exploring the symbols from the Nativity story focusing on what they mean to practising Christians. They will also be comparing their personal beliefs about Christmas with those of the Christians exploring any questions they have about the Nativity story.


Year 5- Key question - Is the Christmas story true? Children will be comparing different versions of the Christmas story looking for any similarities and differences. They will then move on to consider their beliefs and in their opinion whether or not it is a true story.


Year 6- Key question- How significant was it that Mary was Jesus's mother? Children will be focusing on the role of the Virgin Mary in the Nativity story. They will discuss her importance to the Christian belief and share their responses to this remembering to be respectful of everyones beliefs. 

Religious Festivals November 2020


November 14th-16th- Diwali Festival of lights is celebrated by millions across the world. Hindus light up their houses and shops with special lights called Diyas and worship the god Ganesha and the goddess Lakshmi. 


November 26th- Thanks giving   is celebrated in the USA and is a time to give thanks to God for a good harvest. Americans celebrate with family and friends and have a big meal.

November 29th- Start of Advent - A Christian celebration marking the beginning of Christmas celebrations. Churches will light the first candle and remember the Christmas strory and begin preparing for Christmas. You may also have an advent calendar counting down the days until Christmas eve.