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RE News 2020/2021

Our RE learning for Summer 1 2021


Year 1-  Key question- Is Shabbat important to Jewish children? Children will be learning the significance of the items on the Shabbat table as well as when it is celebrated and what activities take place during Shabbat.


Year 2- Key question- Does going to a mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging? Children will explore the Muslim prayer routine and learn what the inside of a mosque looks like. They will discuss the reasons why Muslims may pray alone or together.


Year 3- Key question- How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything? Children will learn about various different Hindu gods and what they represent. They will also explore the concept of Brahmans presence.


Year 4- Key question- Could the Buddha's teachings make the world a better place?  Children will begin by exploring the problems and difficulties faced by the world. They will then look at a range of Buddha's stories discussing what can be learnt from these and consider if they could help people solve their problems.


Year 5- Key question - What is the best way for a Sikh to show commitment to God? Children will discuss what we mean by the term commitment and give examples of where they have shown commitment. They will then look at the different ways Sikhs demonstrate their commitment to God.


Year 6- All units covered during Autumn and Spring term.

Religious Festivals Summer 2021


May 30th 2021- Trinity Sunday is celebrated by Christians. Trinity is the celebration of the holy spirit  



May Eid - A Muslim festival celebrating the end of Ramadan (fasting). This is celebrated with friends and family they will share a delicious spread of special food, women and girls decorate their hands with henna and all with give thanks.