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RE News 2022/2023

Our RE learning for Autumn 2022


Year 1-  Key question- What gifts might Christians in Ipswich have given if Jesus had been born here? Children will be discussing what gifts are and how we feel when we receive gifts from others. They will hear a simple version of the nativity story and focus on the gifts Jesus was given. Finally, they will consider what gifts those who live in local community might have given Jesus.


Year 2- Key question- Why do Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world? Children will begin by considering the ways in which love can be used to help solve problems. They will focus on the reasons Christian believe God sent Jesus to earth and why he was considered a gift. Finally, they will reflect on how Christians use the events from the nativity story to think about how they could help others.


Year 3- Key question- Has Christmas lost it's true meaning? Children will begin by sorting the aspects of Christmas which are Christians and those which are not e.g. Santa and angels. They will focus on the importance of Jesus being sent in human form before reflecting on how Christmas is celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians. Finally they will begin to consider whether as time has progressed the Christmas story has lots it's true meaning.


Year 4- Key question- What is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians today?  Children will explore the symbols connected with Christmas and decide which are Christian. They will focus on the symbol of the Christingle including what all the different parts represent. Finally, they will select which symbol they feel is most important from the nativity story and begin to explain why.


Year 5- Key question - Is the Christmas story true? Children will begin by exploring different versions of the Christmas story taken from a range of different sources. They will then compare these collating the similarities and differences they discover. Finally, they will reflect upon the different types of truth before considering their opinion on whether or not the Christmas story could be true.


Year 6- Key question- Do Christmas celebrations and traditions help Christians understand who Jesus was and why he was born? Children will begin by considering the different ways Christmas is celebrated and whether these are all connected to the Christian faith. They will then focus on the different ways Christians are reminded of the birth of Jesus and why this is important to them. Finally, they will reflect on whether it is important to follow Christian beliefs to celebrate Christmas.

Religious Festivals Autumn 2022


11th November- The birth of Guru Nanak- A day where Sikhs remember the founder of their religion. They are reminded of a key message received from God ' all are equal before God and should live peacefully with one another.




October/November- Hanukkah - A Jewish festival meaning 'Festival of lights'. This is a very important celebration for Jewish people and marks the date when the holy temple in Jerusalem was re-dedicated to Jewish worship.  



December 25th- Christmas - A Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. This is a very important celebration which begins at the end of November with advent (coming)- preparation for the new arrival.