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RE News 2022/2023

Our RE learning for Spring 2023


Year 1-  Key question-Why was Jesus welcomed like a king by the crowds on Palm Sunday? Children will be discussing what happened on Palm Sunday including Jesus behaving like a king as we walked through the crowds. They will then explore how this story teaches us that Jesus is important to Chrsitians. 


Year 2- Key question- How important is it to Christians that Jesus came back to life after his crucifixion? Children will begin by reviewing their understanding of Easter and what it represents. The learning is focused on the events of Easter Sunday and the Christian belief that Jesus came back to life. The children will explore the reasons why Jesus was sent by God.


Year 3- Key question- What is 'good' about Good Friday? Children discuss the concept of being rescued and why people might need to be rescued. They then learn about the last supper and why this is important to Christians. 


Year 4- Key question- Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?  Children begin by unpicking what we mean by forgiveness and whether it can sometimes be difficult to forgive. They then explore examples of forgivenss within biblical stories and how this could influence how Chrisitans behave.


Year 5- Key question - Did God intend Jesus to be Crucifed? Children are introduced to the concepts of purpose and destiny and unpick the differences between them. They revisit the key events of the Easter story looking for clues as to whether God intended for Jesus to be crucified. Children are encouraged to use what they have found out to provide their own opinion to the key question.


Year 6- Key question- Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on earth? Children will begin by reflecting on different Christian festivals and the associated symbols. They then consider and find reasons as to whether or not Christianity remains a strong religion today. Finally, they share their own opinion referring back to prior learning to support their responses.

Religious Festivals Spring 2023


8th March- Holi- This Hindu festival celebrates Spring, love and new life. This is a fun festival involving bonfires and smearing each other with paint and coloured water.




March/April- Ramadan - During this time Muslims observe a holy month of fasting (from dusk till dawn).   It is thought to teach self-discipline and reminds them of the suffering of the poor. 



April- Easter - A Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus following his crucifixion.