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Reading at Whitehouse

Our approach to reading at Whitehouse Community Primary School


Reading is an essential life skill. It is also the skill which enables our children to access many other areas of the curriculum. As such, it is a skill which is highly valued at Whitehouse. This is reflected in our English and Guided Reading sessions, where high quality texts are used in each unit. In addition, we have two well stocked libraries, which are overseen by our librarian. The KS1 library is open to children and parents after school on Tuesdays. The Ks2 library is open to children and parents on Thursdays after school.


Children begin to develop a love of reading in our nursery, which is a text-rich environment, with daily story sessions and book sharing time. During children’s time in the nursery, they are encouraged to borrow sharing-books from the school collection which they take home and share with their adults at home.


Throughout Key Stage 1, to encourage a love of reading for pleasure, all children are given two books, a reading book and a sharing-book. The children’s reading book is carefully levelled according to their reading ability. We use the book band system to provide them with their levelled reading book. Each book band has its own colour. There is a link below to provide more information on the different book band levels and how to help your child for each level. We don’t follow just one reading scheme but buy quality books from a range of sources. This allows children to experience a wide range of authors and characters in stories as well as a range of fiction and non-fiction.


When the children enter Key Stage 2, they read with the guide of a scheme:  Accelerated Reader.  This determines children's reading level, and then gives them a choice of appropriate books for their ability.  Having read their book the children then quiz on it using a computer programme and, if successful, they may move up a level to a more difficult book.  However, children are always supported to read at their stage of ability rather than their age.  For more information, including a handy guide for parents, please click on the Accelerated Reader icon below this text.


Children throughout the school are encouraged to read daily and prizes or rewards are given if the children meet their target number of reads or pass quizzes.


Throughout the school, children access daily guided reading sessions where they develop specific literacy skills. This may be:

  • traditional comprehension task

  • handwriting practise

  • speaking and listening in the role play

  • group reading with the teacher where specific new reading skills are taught, for example, inference.


We are always looking for parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents and people from the local community to become Whitehouse Reading Heroes. These invaluable people share books with and listen to children read that may not always find it easy to read in their home setting. If you would like to become a Reading Hero, please contact the school office who will provide you with details of how to become involved.


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