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School Objects

AUTUMN TERM 2017 - 2018


In Year 6 the children have been learning different school objects. 


Firstly, students revised what a noun was in their own language.   They also found out that in French, nouns were either masculine or feminine as well as singular or plural.  Some of the children who had English as an additional language talked about whether nouns had genders in their own language. 


Secondly, pupils did various games to learn the correct pronunciation of school objects in French.


Real objects were introduced and placed on 3 different tables to help students remember whether they  were "masculine" / "feminine" / "plural". 


Thirdly, the Y6 children looked how determiners and word endings could be used to guess the genders of nouns. 


Would you like to try some of the activities we did?


Slide 1 - match the writing with the correct pictures

Slide 2 - correct your work

Slide 3 - guess which objects are masculine, feminine or plural?   where would you look for clues?


The children did well at remembering the gender and number of the objects as well as matching the school items with the correct picture.  

Some of them also had a good try at making singular nouns plural.