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Science News 2020/2021

What are we learning in Autumn 2?

Year One are learning about Pushes and Pulls. We will be experimenting to see how far toy cars can travel on different surfaces. 


Year Two are learning about Everyday Materials. We will be investigating which material causes a ball to bounce the furthest. 


Year Three are learning about Animals Including Humans. We will be learning about the different food groups and what we need to eat for a balanced diet. 


Year Four are learning about Sound. We will be using instruments to explore different types of sounds and having a go at making our own instruments. 


Year Five are learning about Forces. We will be making parachutes to investigate the effects of gravity. 


Year Six are learning about Light. We will being using torches to explore what happens when the light changes. 

Science Equipment!:


At Whitehouse we provide lots of exciting opportunities for the children to engage with their science learning and experiment hands-on with a range of different resources. This is one of the many ways that the children therefore engage with their ability to work scientifically.



Look at some of the fantastic resources we have to support the Year 3 topic of rocks!



In Year 4, we have a whole range of electrical components to make circuits!



Forces are one of the topics we do in Year 5 - this is some of the equipment we have for the children to explore this unit!