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SMSC provision and monitoring - a whole-school responsibility

At Whitehouse we are committed to enhancing the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspect of learning for our pupils and, as such, SMSC and British Values are deeply embedded in everything that we do.


The whole school community is involved in delivering SMSC and BVs across the academic and wider curriculum:


  • SMSC has been a whole-school priority since February 2017
  • Governors fully support the delivery of SMSC throughout the school
  • We have an SMSC Governor and a Parental Engagement Governor who play a key role in enhancing and monitoring the delivery of SMSC and BVs throughout the school
  • All members of the School Community are involved in the delivery of SMSC and BVs and receive regular staff training and updates

SMSC Training and Monitoring - a whole-school approach

Initial staff training - 30th January 2017


The first SMSC training session at Whitehouse took place on 30th January 2017.


A broad range of staff (teachers, TAs and lunchtime supervisors) attended the practical session which was aimed at familiarising themselves with the concept of SMSC and British Values

Firstly, they worked in groups to categorise statements into Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural. This led to interesting discussions and a better understanding of the official SMSC strands contained in the OFSTED Handbook.
This was followed by a session during which members of staff got acquainted with Whitehouse's own take on the meaning of British Values in our school. 
Finally, staff had the opportunity to reflect on and share with others how they thought they contributed to the delivery of SMSC and British Values in their daily job. This was achieved by discussing the evidence they had brought to the sessions. See examples below.

The session ended with groups working together to map out their evidence against the SMSC and BVs criteria.

Prefect's Learning Walk - July 2017

Whitehouse Prefects were invited to take part in a Learning Walk to look at evidence of the Whitehouse Way in lessons.


A report of their findings was produced which was emailed to all staff.

Presentation to Governors - September 2018

Joint Learning Walk - SMSC Governor and Prefects - July 2018

Our SMSC Governor, Susan Burton, invited 4 Prefects to come and do a learning walk looking at aspects of SMSC throughout the school.


Please find below a summary of their findings.

Source: Governors' Report following discussions with Prefects as well as pictures taken by the children.


Staff Input - mapping SMSC throughout the Academic Curriculum - June 2018

In early June, staff met to collectively review the new Curriculum which had been introduced in September 2017. SMSC statements were revisited and Key Stage staff worked in groups to map out the Academic Curriculum provision to the various SMSC strands. 


The following documents were produced as a result: