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In Year 1 we hand out spellings every week. We test the children on a Friday and hand out new spelling the same day ready for the following week.


Our spelling are based on the weeks Phonics learning. This could be words with a new sound in, common exception words, tricky words or even revision of sounds the children have found tricky during the term.

Please find below a list of the spelling for each week.  Good Luck!



This week’s spellings are:

Handed out on the 5/1/18:

is   his   has   you  so  by  my  our

Tested on the 12/1/18


Handed out on the 12/1/18:

again   ask   there   their   little   one   once   oh 

Tested on the 19/1/18

Handed out on the 19/1/18:

never    sister     stir    first    hurt    nurse

Tested on the 26/1/18