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During Year 4, the children have a set of statutory words that they must learn to spell and understand in order to be able to write the word into a sentence.


Every few weeks, we will study some of these words and discuss their meaning, their word class (eg is it a noun? an adverb? etc), work out the tricky part of the word and begin to think of a mnemonic to help us remember how to spell the tricky part, e.g. favourite: Favourite food is our right!


Here are the words we will learn this year:

Year 4 word list


A accident, accidentally, actual, actually, although, arrive

B believe, bicycle, business

C caught, circle, consider

D decide, describe

E enough

F famous, favourite, February, forward(s)

G grammar

H history

I imagine, important, increase, interest

K knowledge

L library

M material, medicine, minute

N notice

O occasion, occasionally, opposite

P peculiar, popular, position, possess, possession, potatoes, pressure, probably

R recent, remember

S sentence, special, suppose

T therefore, though, thought, through


We have already begun to learn some of these in the autumn term.



The best way to learn a set of spellings is little and often, ideally around 10 mins every day, if possible. Make it fun by using one of these activities!