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This year, we no longer send out spelling lists each week. We have been learning different spelling rules in class, and you could practice them at home by writing a story including as many different spelling words as possible.


We have learnt these rules. More examples can be seen in the slide show below. Can you explain the rule to someone at home?

- Using 'y' to make an /i/ sound, eg: myth, pyramid

- Using 'ou' to make an /u/ sound, eg: enough, courage

- Adding prefixes to change the meaning, eg: dis-, mis-, un-, re-

- Adding suffixes with a vowel letter, eg: -ing, -en, -er, -ed

- Adding suffixes -ly and -ation


We have also learnt how to spell exception words which are included in the slide show below. 

Our spelling rules

Year 3 and 4 word list