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Thursday 19th November



Take a look at the picture attached. Do you know what bridge this is? (Orwell Bridge). Have you been over it before?

Have a look at its shape, what can you say about the bridge?
Is it tall or small? Why does the bridge need to be tall?
Is it wide or narrow? Why does the bridge need to be wide?
Is it a strong bridge? How can you tell?


Encourage your children to think about these questions and see if they can come up with the answers, have a chat with them about these questions.



Song of Sounds - Can you sing along, remembering to join in with the actions 


Have a look at the Initial Sound Match Quiz (attached). See if you can match the picture to its initial sound.



Have a look at the picture of the goat attached. Can you label the different parts of the goat using initial sounds? Say the word, what is the first sound you can hear in that word? Have a go at writing the sound in the box.


Here is a different version of the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff being read, have a watch and listen. 



This week we have been learning about weight!


Take a look at this video 'Measure Weight for Kids' . Ragu is using balance scales to measure his vegetables and find out which is heavy and light. 

Today we're going to focus on light objects.

Parents - Can you find an object in the house for your child, let them feel the object. Can they then find an object that is lighter than the one you have chosen. Have a go at doing this a few times, changing the object each time.





Have a go at some mindfulness colouring. I have chosen mini beasts today (attached). Choose one (or more) that you would like to do and see if you can really carefully colour it in, keeping in the lines as best as you can!