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Thursday 12th November

Writing words

This week our story is The Three Little Pigs.


Can you have a go at writing the word 'pig' using your sounds?


For an extra challenge, can you also write 'hen' 'cat' and 'dog'? There are 3 sounds in each word.


Good luck!

English - Story maps

Can you tell your grown up the story of The Three Little Pigs?


What did the pigs build their houses out of?
What did the wolf say?
How did the pigs feel?
What happened to the houses?
How did the story end?


Today I would like you to have a go at drawing your own story maps to tell the story. Remember all the important parts of the story and make sure it is in the right order.


I look forward to seeing the photos of your story maps.

Have fun and be creative!



Today we're going to have a look at numbers 1 to 20


Have a sing and dance along to the song 'Lets Count to 20'


Attached is a number line 1-20, can you point to each number and say the number name out loud.


Have a go at writing your numbers 1 to 20 too, you can make it as creative as you like!


Have fun

Phonics l and ll

Today's phonics sound is l


Lions love lollipops l l l


Can you practice writing the letter l?


Just like yesterday, some of our words start with l and some of our words end in ll.


Lion, lollipop, leopard and lamb all start with an l.

Bell, well and fill all end with ll.


Can you play the game 'Lovely Lollipop' on Education City. 





Today's handwriting activity is a cutting activity to help practise your scissor control.


Download and print the attachment. Can you cut out the farm animals and place them inside their correct home.


If you don't have access to a printer, any cutting practice is great!

Farm animals


Have a look at this episode of Big Barn Farm


Can you talk about what houses the animals were trying to build? Where do they really live?


Take a look at the On the Farm Animal Homes PowerPoint (attached). Can you talk about the different animal homes?