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Wish You Were Here!

Our new topic of learning is all about holidays.


Can you have a chat with mum and dad about what holidays you have been on? Have you got any photos you can look at? Where did you go?



What can you tell mum or dad about the coast? What man-made things or natural things would you find there?

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The Great Fire of London

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Over the next few weeks we will be taking part in a range of activities including: sewing, baking, modelling, dancing, dress up and writing, all from the period of the great fire of London.


So far we have learned about Pudding Lane and how the buildings in London were made of wood...

Quick to the river the red hot flames are at our feet!

Watch the CBBies Horrible Histories episode of the Great Fire of London.

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Picture 1


Treasure maps!

Have a go at creating your very own treasure map at home. We coffee stained our paper and once it dried we talked about all the different things we might find on a pirate’s map.


Some of you have made brilliant maps in school; can you make one with your parents?


Will it float? Will it sink?


Part of our science learning has been making boats. We have been learning how to waterproof our paper with wax crayons and then working in pair constructing boats.


Some of our boats have been surprisingly sturdy, holding up to 35 Lego men. Some of the boats even held the weight of 20 marbles before sinking.


Have a go a working out your Pirate name. Can you write it down?

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