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Welcome to the Toucans class!


Last half term, the children in Toucans greatly increased their average percentage reading scores on the books they have been reading. They have been reading more and improving their quiz results.  This has led to them receiving 6 "purple man" awards in our Wonderful Week assemblies.  The "purple man" is awarded to the class in KS2 that has achieved the best average percentage on the quizzes taken in that week.  This has been a brilliant transformation as this award has not been given to the Toucans for a number of months.  The children have really started to take their reading and quizzing seriously and are keen to keep improving and winning another "purple man"!  Well done to you all- keep it up.

One of the children in Toucans has also become a member of an exclusive club in school called "The Millionaire Club"; he has now read over one million words since September, working his way through the "Alex Rider" and "Harry Potter" series of books - what a fantastic achievement! 

Thank you to all those parents who are actively encouraging their children to read - it really does make a difference to their learning.

Remember: the class with the most "purple man" awards win a McFlurry each to enjoy at the end of the summer term! smiley

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Great writing

One of the children in Toucans' class wrote this, after being inspired by a short film we've been studying in Literacy... Our focus has been on using good openers and powerful vocabulary. 


Running over to the clean, polished and decontaminated window, Theo excitedly picked up the paper aeroplane and ran hesitantly towards the two unfamiliar children, who were curious to see what he would do. In disbelief, Theo, his skin shining in the blazing bright, beautiful sunshine, played with the paper aeroplane, taking turns with the children to play with it. For the first time in his life, he was playing with children- it changed his life, it changed his future. Not knowing there were other people in the colossal school, the doors suddenly flung open and spilled out children, laughing and having fun. Finally, he was alive!

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Year 6 writing about the murder of Macduff's family

Year 6 writing about the murder of Macduff's family 1

Year 6 story writing- asking the psammead for a wish

Year 6 story writing- asking the psammead for a wish 1

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