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Tuesday 10th November

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Tuesday morning is our PE slot. We can't have PE with Mr Jordan today, but you can do some PE at home.

Join in with the Cosmic Kids Yoga session - On The Farm



We are learning numbers 1-10 in Maths


Enjoy joining in with the Funky Counting to 10 song 


Today I would like you to log in to your Education City account (usernames in your reading diary) and play the game 'Counting Order 1 to 10' 

Phonics - b

Today's phonics sound is b


Butterflies are beautiful b b b


Butterfly, ball, boat, bat, bear and basket all start with a b.


What other words can you think of which start with a b?


Practice writing the letter 'b' and play 'Bath Time Bubbles' on Education City. 


 Have fun!

Three Little Pigs Story Map

This is our story map for The Three Little Pigs (download attachment).

Read the short version of the story and follow along the story map. The arrows help to tell you which way to go. We will be using story maps a lot in Reception to help us become storytellers and tell the stories aloud.


This is our first story map, so please don't worry if your child doesn't fully understand the signs and symbols. It is more important to understand the story of The Three Little Pigs and have fun while telling it.