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Tuesday 17th November

Spot the Difference



Look at the powerpoint of the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

Read the story along with your child, encouraging them to join in with the repeated language. 


"Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?"
"It's me the little billy goat gruff"
"Then I am going to eat you up!"


If you cannot access the powerpoint - there is a link to watch the story here.

True or False


An important part of learning to read is making sure that you understand the story.


Read the questions with your grown up and answer if they are TRUE or FALSE.


If you think they are false, can you tell your grown up what the real answer is?



Watch the clip from Sesame Street - Ernie's Heavy and Light game


Have a search in your bedroom. What are the three heaviest things you can find? What are the three lightest things you can find? How do you know these feel heavy or light?


Can you find a BIG object that feels light?
Can you find a small object that feels heavy?


Good luck!



Today we are practicing spelling words by listening to the sounds we can hear. 


Play the game Bongo Beat on Education City


Have fun!




Today we are practicing the letter sounds that we learnt last week -


h b f ff l ll 


Carefully trace over the patterns, following the lines. Can you tell your grown ups which letter sound you are tracing? 


(You do not have to do all the sheets, please do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)


Happy tracing!

Bridge Building 


Today we are going to make bridges. We need the Billy Goats Gruff to be able to cross the water safely, without the mean troll gobbling them up. 


Watch the song - London Bridge is falling down


How can we make a bridge that is strong and won't fall down like London Bridge?


Your challenge is to use your toys at home to create a strong bridge that can get the goats safely to the other side, without falling down!


Have fun and be creative!