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Wednesday 11th November

English - reading 


Have a look at the words in the image, they all match the pictures underneath.

Can you use your phonics to sound out the word and find the correct picture?


Maybe you can ask your grown up to write some other CVC (constanant vowel constanant) words for you to have a go at reading.


Have fun!

English - storytelling The Three Little Pigs


Take a look at the Three Little Pigs worksheet attached. Look at the pictures, can you talk about them and put them in order of the story? If you would like to, you could print it out and cut and stick them in order.


Attached is a copy of the short story - I wonder, before telling the story, could you add expression to the characters voices - what might the Three Little Pigs sound like? What would the Wolf sound like? Once you've decided, have a go at telling the story with the new voices, remember to do the actions we've learnt so far.


We'd love to hear your new voices for the characters so if you would like to take a video of your story telling and upload it as an observation that would be super!


Have fun



This week in Maths we are looking at numbers 1 to 10.

Have a go at writing your numbers 1 to 10 on a piece of paper, you could do this a few times and maybe use different coloured pens too?


Have a look at the game 'One Two Sea 1' on Education City (your login details for this are in your reading journals) 


We love to sing this song in class too - Zero, Zero, Superhero! 

Phonics - f and ff

Today's phonics sound is f


Fish are funny f f f


We are learning words that start with f but also words that end in ff.


Fish, frog, fan and flag all start with f.


Cliff, huff and puff all end with ff.


Practice writing the sound f and play the game 'Flying Fun' on Education City 


Have fun!

Remembrance Day



Today is a very special day because it is Remembrance Day.


On this day, we say a very special thank you to all the soldiers who help to keep us safe.


Sadly, some of these soldiers lost their lives while trying to keep us safe. So it is very important that we remember them and say thank you.


I have included a powerpoint to learn more about Remembrance Day.

You can also watch this video to learn more.


At 11:00 we stay silent (no talking or moving) for 2 minutes to say thank you to the soldiers for looking after us.


Lots of people also wear poppies on this special day, it would be lovely if you could make your own poppy today.



We do lots of different activities in Handwriting to help develop pen control and build up the muscles in your hands.


Today's handwriting task is to colour in the picture of the pig (attached). Can you colour this really neatly and try your best to stay in the lines.


I look forward to seeing your finished pig pictures.


If you do not have a printer, maybe your grown up can help to draw a pig for you to colour.