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Wednesday 18th November



It's Wednesday so that means... PE! 


Warm up - have a go at the 'Walking, Walking, Hop, Hop' song and see if you can follow the instructions and join in. 


Activity - Sticky Kids 'My Head, My Shoulders' We did this activity before, can you remember the actions and join in? Remember, it gets faster and faster so try to keep up!


Once you have done this, put your hand to your chest, what can you feel? What is happening to your body? Can you remember what we talked about last time? 


Have fun! 



This week we are learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


Watch the video of these children being story tellers. Can you see their actions for 'goat' 'troll' and 'green green grass'? 


Have a go at making up some actions of your own to tell the story to your grown ups.


Download and cut out the attached masks to help you tell your story. 



We are learning about weight in Maths this week. This is things that are heavy and things that are light.


Watch the video to learn more about heavy and light. 


In your kitchen find a can - how does it feel? Does it feel heavy? Is it hard to pick up? Does it feel light? Is it easier to pick up?

Today's challange is to find 5 things in your kitchen cupboard that feel heavier than the can. Hold the can in one hand and the other object in the other hand to compare the weights.


Let us know what you find!



Today you are practicing your reading skils.


Play the game Pick a Picture on Phonics Play 


Use your sounds to read the word that comes up and then select the correct picture to match.


I have also attached some word writing practice. These all have the letter 'e' as the middle letter.


Good luck!



Today's handwriting is to draw along with Squiglet.


Watch Get Squiggling - Troll and watch your troll come alive! 


We look forward to seeing your finished troll pictures!