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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


This is our year one home page. Please check this page regularly for updates and class information.


We hope you have had an awesome summer and are ready to rock up to learning!

We have a brand new topic for learning: 'Wish you were here' thinking all about holidays and where and why people go on holidays.


We will be learning all about the geography of different places and finding out where we would most like to go on holiday!

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Our learning pages.

 We will update these pages with different challenges linked to the learning that takes place in our class. Check them out and bring in any work that you do at home to share with the class and your teacher!


Our class’ pages. We will update these pages with photos and learning that has taken place in our classes.

Hello everyone, the children have brought home learning packs this weekend with all sorts to help them with number formation, letter formation and their new phonics. There is also a book in the pack for any work that your children do at home. Please bring it in to share with the class teacher and the rest of the class. We’d love to see all the work you do at home, from writing a story to practising your numbers, letters and hand writing. There is a bit more information in our phonics page, so take a look. Enjoy!