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Hello everybody. We hope you are all well and keeping safe.


Below you will see four folders containing home learning. We will add to these weekly so that there is new content on a Monday morning. Please do continue to read at home and try out the activities that have already been suggested.


Look after each other and enjoy the learning.


Team Year 1



Good morning Year 1! We hope you are safe and well. This is the last full week of term and the last time we will be uploading home learning for you before September. We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone and we are so excited to see you all on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July for our meetings. If you haven't already done so please book your appointments as soon as possible. This week in Maths you will be exploring money and in Science you will be looking at the human body and labelling the different parts. The weather is meant to be lovely this week so, we are sure your amazing Sun Safety posters will come in handy! 


Have a lovely week.


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! We hope you have had a lovely weekend, it was very windy, Miss Hunt nearly got blown away in Christchurch Park on Sunday! As we draw closer to the end of the year we would like you to think about the things you have achieved in Year 1 and what you are proud of. Could you make a poster about your achievements? During these unprecedented times, you have all shown your resilience and determination to succeed in your learning, and we are so proud of your commitment to 'The Whitehouse Way'. Thank you to everyone who continues to read everyday, we can see the positive impact your regular reading is having on your progress. This week we are reading 'Elmer', this is a fantastic book which celebrates diversity and explains to children that everybody is different. In Maths, we are looking at shape and in Enquiry the children will be learning about the differences between the seaside and a town. 


Have a brilliant week!


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! Welcome to another week of home learning. We hope you have had a lovely weekend, your teachers have been enjoying the weather and having fun in the sun. It's really important to keep safe when you are out in the sun. Perhaps you could make a 'Sun Safety' poster for your home? If you do, please send a photo in to show us, we love seeing all of your work. On that note, we just wanted to say a huge thank you and well done for all of your hard work. We know that learning at home can be tricky but, we have been so impressed with everything you are doing, keep up the good work Year 1. This week in English you will be reading a new story, one of our favourites 'The Wonky Donkey', we think you will find him very funny! In Maths you will be recapping measure and in Art you will be continuing your learning around the artist Georges Seurat. There is much more to explore once you take a look! Remember to keep up the reading please, it really does make a difference. 


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! We hope you are all safe and ready for another week of learning. This week we are reading another Julia Donaldson book, 'A Squash and a Squeeze', we hope you enjoy the story as much as we do. In English you will be practicing your grammatical skills and turning singular nouns into plurals, and in Maths you will be looking at how you can halve and quarter shapes. It's meant to be a lovely, hot and sunny week so why not make the most of the weather and take some of your learning outside? We love to see the work you have completed at home so, please keep the emails coming! Remember to keep logging on to Myon to read a book 5 times a week, this is really important. Keep up the good work Year 1!


The Year 1 Team smiley 



Good morning Year 1, welcome to another week of exciting online learning! This week you will be continuing to read 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' in English. Did you enjoy the story? Miss Hunt's favourite part is when Mr & Mrs Grinling manage to out smart those cheeky seagulls. What is your favourite part? In Maths, you will be focusing on Multiplication and Division. We have included some links for parents to show you how we teach these methods in school, we understand it might be different to how you were taught! On Education City there are lots of brilliant activities that we have been linking to your learning each week, why not log on today and take a look? As we mentioned last week, the activities on the website are now all similar to the lessons taking place in school, which we hope is reassuring. Have a fantastic week!


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! We hope you have had a good weekend, it's been so cold compared to last week! Hopefully you have been able to get comfy indoors and login to Myon to do some reading. What is your favourite genre? We would love to hear what you enjoy about reading, why not send us an email to let us know? We are missing you all lots and are pleased that the first few days of school have gone so well. We are still working really hard to make sure you have lots of lovely activities to complete if you are still at home. From now on the work that is set on the website will mirror the work planned for the children at school, for example, in English this week the children will all be reading 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and writing using descriptive language and in Guided Reading the learning will all be linked to 'Dougal's Deep Sea Diary'. We hope that this will encourage consistency between those learning at school and those learning from home. 


Have a lovely week everyone!


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1, we hope you have had a lovely half term. We have been so lucky with the weather, hopefully you were all able to make the most of the sun. We are looking forward to welcoming some of you back to school this week, however, please be reassured that we will continue to provide weekly activities for the children that remain at home. Please keep reading and practicing your numbers from 0-30, these are really important skills that will help you in all aspects of your learning. Don't forget, we update Education City each week with exciting new activities for you to complete on your computer or tablet. We love receiving your emails and seeing all the amazing work you do at home so, please keep them coming! 


Have a good week.


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! We hope you have had a lovely weekend, we have all been very busy. Mrs Farn has been enjoying baking for her friends and family, the cakes look absolutely delicious! She has also been spending time outdoors, going on long walks and has even spotted a blackbird building a nest for it's babies. Miss Froude has been doing lots of relaxing Yoga and is looking forward to going on a picnic tomorrow, as it's her birthday! Mrs Wali has been spending time with her children, keeping them safe and learning Karate together. Miss Fenn has been spending time in the garden and has been enjoying a tricky jigsaw puzzle.The weather is supposed to be lovely this week, therefore, we thought you would enjoy using your senses in a scavenger hunt for Science. Miss Hunt's little girl is looking forward to having a go too! Please keep reading Year 1, it is really important that you choose new books on Myon and keep practicing our Phonics song (it's in the Phonics folder under English). We love receiving your emails, please keep sending them in. Have a great week.


The Year 1 Team smiley



Good morning Year 1! Did you all have a lovely, sunny bank holiday weekend? We hope you enjoyed celebrating VE Day, what a special occasion! Miss Sach spent the day looking at her Great Grandad's war medals and researching what each one meant. I wonder if any of your relatives have some medals for their service and bravery in the war? Miss Hunt and Mr Joscelyne enjoyed celebrating VE Day with their families eating lots of yummy food. Mr Joscelyne had a barbeque and Miss Hunt had a delicious afternoon tea in the garden. Well done to everybody that has been reading books on Myon or reading their own stories at home. You can now email us to show us what you have been doing, we can't wait to see your work! We are missing you all, keep staying safe please.


The Year 1 Team smiley



Happy Monday Year 1! We hope you have had a lovely weekend, did you manage to find many of the plants on your nature hunt? This week your learning will continue to be linked to our Enquiry question, 'Where does food come from?'. Miss Hunt has been to St.Lucia where lots of our bananas come from. It was amazing to see how the farmers grow and care for the bananas and then package them up really carefully to be shipped to England for us to enjoy. Miss Hunt was very pleased to hear that almost all of the banana farmers in St. Lucia have signed up to a 'fair trade agreement' to make sure they are paid fairly. Do you know what 'fair trade' means? If not, why not look on Google and find out more. All of your teachers are missing you lots and we hope that you are on your best behaviour at home! Have a good week and keep reading!


The Year 1 Team smiley



Hello everyone, it's the start of a new week which means lots more exciting learning has been added for you to complete. We understand that you might not be able to do all of the activities we are setting, that is absolutely fine, we understand these are strange times for everybody. We hope that everyone is managing to access a reading book on Myon and that you have been enjoying the activities we have set on Education City. This week we are continuing to learn about food in Enquiry and hope you enjoy making your very own fruit salad. Delicious and healthy! Keep staying safe, we hope to see you soon. 


The Year 1 Team smiley



Welcome back everyone! We hope you have had a lovely, restful Easter break and that the Easter Bunny was generous this year. The Year 1 team have all been busy spending time with family at home and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been so lucky with this year. Well done to everybody that has been reading at home, remember you should aim for 10-15 minutes each day as this will help to progress your reading skills. We have updated the Year 1 subject pages with new learning that we hope you will enjoy. Have a good week.


The Year 1 Team smiley



Last week a login for Myon and Education City was put into the front of your child's reading record. If you login to these sites you will find various age appropriate activities have been set for your child. These will be updated weekly. 


Reading and phonics is a huge priority in Year 1. Can we please ask that you continue to read with your child for 10-15 minutes each day. Myon is a fantastic resource to use for this as there is a range of exciting texts available to your child. With regards to Phonics, the Song of Sounds Stage 2 song is available on our school website. It would be great if you could play it to your child every day for them to sing along to. 


There are countless opportunities at home to help maintain your child's learning while they are off, for example-


Cooking- promotes knowledge around capacity, instructions and turn taking skills.


Painting- fine motor skills, teaches children their colours and encourages mindfulness.


Outdoor learning- Why not set your child counting challenges outside? E.g. can you collect me 20 sticks? Can you add 5 more sticks? How many do you have now? In school we would have been looking at the seasonal changes of Spring, it would be lovely to see some Spring pictures or poems when we next see each other. 


There are some fantastic free resources online at the moment that will allow your child to maintain their fitness. Every morning at 9am Joe Wicks is hosting an online PE class (see link below), Cosmic Yoga is always popular (see link below) and 5 a day (see link below) is useful for when the children need a quick activity to let off steam. 


Joe Wick's PE lesson-


Cosmic Yoga-


5 a Day- 




Education City- 


We look forward to seeing you all soon,


The Year 1 Team 

The Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 1 Animation morning

Learning about Jewish New Year

Year 1 Local Area Walk

The three Year 1 classes enjoyed a walk around the local area. We used all our senses to really consider the type of place where we live and go to school. We also discovered you can get an entire class in one bus stop.

Our new book is the wonderful 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We have explored the text through role play, painting and signing.

Song of Sounds

Still image for this video
The children have made a great start to their phonics learning this term. Here is the Stage 2 song that we sing containing all the new sounds.