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Year 1 Great Fire of London workshop

Year 1 Great Fire of London workshop


28th February 2019


On Thursday 28th February Year One had a special visitor into school. Mary was from the past and came to tell us all about The Great Fire of London. We loved pretending that we were working on Pudding Lane when the fire broke out in 1666. We had to run from the fire, but couldn't get on a boat as we had no money, so we had to camp in a field with only one bag of belongings. We learnt that there were lots of rats in London, which made people ill with the plague. The funniest bit was learning that people didn't have toilets so had to empty their potty's into the street! Yuck!

It was a really fun morning and all of Year One learnt a lot. We can't wait to find out more about The Great Fire of London.