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During their time at Whitehouse, our pupils follow the English Programme of Study for KS1 and KS2.  This has been designed to raise standards of Literacy in all Primary Schools in England.

The children have a Literacy lesson every day, during which the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are taught and developed.  The children study a range of texts, including fiction, poetry and non-fiction.  Whenever possible, they are linked to other areas of the Curriculum.  Children also complete activities to develop skills in grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.  Most children have a daily phonics session.


During most Literacy lessons, the children have an opportunity to work in small groups with their teacher and focus on the key skills used in reading and writing.  The children are then provided with opportunities to develop these skills independently in their work. 


Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are practised and reinforced during all other lessons throughout the Curriculum.



In addition to Literacy lessons, the children have a weekly guided reading session with their teacher, during which they focus on individual reading targets.   We have an extensive range of reading scheme and non-scheme books from which the children can choose.  They are also encouraged to regularly borrow books from the school library.


All year groups are encouraged to read aloud to adults at home:  we expect that younger children will read and share their books on a daily basis whereas the older pupils are expected to read more independently on most days, although it would still be great if they were to share books with their family on occasion.


To improve reading comprehension, Key Stage 2 children use Accelerated Reader which is a computer programme which enables them to sit a Quiz on a computer after reading a book and talking to an adult about it.  Pupils can collect certificates, badges and prizes which are awarded on a weekly basis.