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School Prefects


Our School Prefects are good role models to their peers.  They lead by example and constantly remind pupils to make the right behaviour choices in and out of the playground.  


They play a key role in ensuring that all pupils obey the School Rules and follow the "Whitehouse Way" in everything they do.  They are confident talking to others about their role and are currently helping teachers select the next School Prefect Team:  


2016-2017 School Prefects

Our current School Prefects are:

Morgan Reddington

Charlie King

Jacob Hindle

Tilly Biggs

Ellesha Potter

Connor McWillimans

Rahim Ahmed

Ria Mukit

Robyn Trenter

Komala Cook

School Prefects 2017-2018

We have received a number of applications from our Year 5 pupils who would like to become prefects next year.  Teachers and the current Prefect team are looking forward to interviewing short-listed candidates within the coming weeks.  Please see the Job Advert and Job Description below.

Picture 1
Picture 2