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PSHE / Core Learning Skills


Themes covered in PSHE are:


- Career Education

- Citizenship

- Economic and Industrial Understanding

- Environmental Education

- Health Education


These topics encompass the information, skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in and contribute to society in teenage and adult life.  Those are supplemented by the positive attitudes the school endeavour to impart in its pupils


In today's society the ability to make informed decision and the responsibility one has to oneself and to others are perhaps more necessary than before and for this reason are on an equal par with other subject areas within our school.  The above are themes which cannot be measured by test but which are as fundamental and valuable as academic subjects in enabling all our children to grow into happy, responsible and productive adults. 

Health Education

Health Education might cover the following themes:

- Family Life

- food and nutrition

- safety

- health-related excercise

- personal hygiene

- sex education


Sex Education

At Whitehouse, we aim to give children specific information in a sensitive and sensible manner.  The main focus in Sex Education is in the Summer Term of  Year 5 and Year 6. 


As a staff, we endeavour to answer questions as honestly as appropriate to the child and situation in which the question is asked. 


Copy of our policies are available from the School Office. 



Assemblies take place every day.  They are non-denominational in character in accordance with Suffolk County Council guidelines.  They may vary in presentation and encompass whole school Assemblies, class Assemblies, Assemblies by visiting speakers. 


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from assemblies but they need to inform the Headteacher by expressing their wish in writing.