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Religious Education


In our school, religious education actively promotes the values of truth, justice, respect for all and care of the environment. It places specific emphasis on children valuing themselves and others, on the role of the family and the community in religious belief and activity, on the celebration of diversity in society through understanding similarities and differences, and on human stewardship of the earth.


The religious education curriculum also recognises the changing nature of society, including changes in religious practice and expression and the influence of religion, in the local, national and global community.


Our curriculum has two main aims:

  • Learning about Religion and Belief - a bit like a window through which pupils look from the 'safety' of their classroom at people practising their religion and then explore what is happening and why.
  • Learning from Religion and Belief - a bit like a mirror in which pupils see themselves and maybe their friends' faces too. It is a chance to evaluate different religious practices or beliefs and ask questions or express their own developing ideas.