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Art at Whitehouse


Whitehouse pupils are enabled to develop and explore their art skills throughout the Key Stages. Through their enquiry work they will produce creative pieces of art using a variety of mediums and will explore the way in which art can be both a very independent and personal experience, as well as a collaborative effort. Children are taught to use drawing, painting and sculpture to record their experiences as well as to encourage and develop their imagination and creativity. 


Whitehouse children will learn about a wide range of artists and designers and the impact that these have made/are making on society. Skills of observation and evaluation are taught so that the children are able to master their techniques through self-improvement. 

Year 5 - Why should ancient Greece be preserved? - Greek pottery

Year 5 - Why should ancient Greece be preserved? - Greek mythology 3D Modroc masks

Year 6 - Was the Battle of Britain a turning point in our history? - Anderson Shelters

ART Skills Progression at Whitehouse Community Primary School