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Year 1

In Year 1 we are working on our Stage 2 sounds from Song of Sounds.

Below are some resources to help you support the teaching of Phonics at home.


Stage 2 song.wmv

Still image for this video

At the start of Year 1 the children brought home a learning pack to help them with the phonics they will be learning this year. Adults, thank you for your support so far this year.

We hope you enjoy practising with them.


If you do any phonics practise at home record it in the orange book and

then you can bring it into school to share with your teacher and class.

In your pack you will find lots of things to help you continue your learning at home.  There is:


  • A CD - with the old song and the new song to help with phonics this year.


  • 2 phoneme finders to help with writing at home. 1 of these the children will be familiar with and one are the sounds which we will be learning this year.


  • Tricky words which can’t be sounded out


  • The new Song of Sounds flashcards—the children will be learning these sounds over the year


  • Year 1 Key Words—your child needs to recognise, read and spell all these words by the end of year 1.


  • Correct handwriting formation— children who start their letters in the correct place will find they can begin to join their writing by the end of year 1


  • Correct number formation


We hope you enjoy learning Phonics at home with your child.