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ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 - 2022



Democracy is a strong feature at Whitehouse Primary and our School Parliament is playing an increasing part in informing and influencing decision-making within the school.  


At the beginning of September, each class elects a peer whose role is to represent their views at the School Parliament.   

Each Key Stage Lead also chooses a Deputy for their phase who attends all of the meetings.


The School Council is run by Mrs Shalka.  Members are elected for a year and meet every fortnight on a Friday afternoon.  Over the last three years, the School Parliament has been involved in the following activities: 


  • recommended possible lunchtime and Golden Time activities
  • suggested ideas to enhance the Astro turf area
  • sold poppies and other articles to raise money for British Legion
  • represented the school at Remembrance Service celebrations
  • met with the founder of the local Foodbank and organised for her to deliver an assembly to their peers on her work 
  • spearheaded the FIND Christmas Appeal
  • investigated ways to reduce wastage at WHCPS (electricity, paper, pick and mix packaging, pen and wrapping recycling schemes) and implemented a range of energy-saving and recycling schemes
  • piloted a packaging recycling scheme for the pick and mix meals
  • implemented the pen-recycling scheme
  • met with local School Councillors to discuss public service and led campaigns to reduce litter (local council added an additional bin at the back of the school) and improve safety (pedestrian crossing near local Co-op pending) around the school
  • visited the Mayor in his parlour and invited her back to our school
  • organised and ran the "Five Day Walk Challenge" with Local Authorities

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