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School Parliament


ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 - 2020



Democracy is a strong feature at Whitehouse Primary and our School Parliament is playing an increasing part in informing and influencing decision-making within the school.  


At the beginning of September, each class elects a peer whose role is to represent their views at the School Parliament.   

Classes also chose a Deputy who attends meetings when members are unable to. 


The School Council is run by Mrs Shalka.  Members are elected for a year and meet once a week.  So far, the School Parliament has been involved in the following: 


  • recommend possible lunchtime and Golden Time activities
  • suggest ideas to enhance the Astro turf area
  • spearhead the FIND Christmas Appeal
  • investigate ways to reduce wastage at WHCPS (electricity, paper, pick and mix packaging)
  • pilot a Pick and Mix Scheme to reduce use of packaging for pick and mix meals