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Year 2

 Castle Drawbridges


Year 2 have been designing a making their own drawbridge with a pully/leaver mechanism. They had great fun designing and constructing their drawbridges. 



Castle Banners:


Year 2 have been designing and making their own banner for a castle. They transferred their design onto sandpaper using crayons and then ironed it (with adult support) onto the fabric. Next they used running stitch to create the loop at the top of their banner for the baton to go through. The end result was amazing and the children really enjoyed creating these.

 Bug Houses:


Year 2 have been designing and making bug houses using recyclable materials. They had a lot to  think about when designing their bug house, for example:

  • What materials to use?
  • How the bugs would get in and out?
  • How would it drain if it rained?


They did a super job at making sure the bug houses suited the insects needs. When evaluating their bug houses some children made alterations to their designs to ensure the insects who used them were safe. Well done Year 2! 

Breads From Around the World:


This half term Year 2 have been exploring bread from around the world. They tried a variety of different breads and made 3 types of bead with the support of parents and carers. The Year 2 children said that they tastes 'lovely' and really enjoyed kneading the bread.