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WC 12-12-22

How have advances in science promoted children’s rights

throughout the years?


WC 05-12-22

What does the International Day for Persons with Disability celebrate?


WC 28-11-22

Where does your rubbish go?



WC 21-11-22 

Introducing Global Citizenship Day of 25-11-22

What will happen on the day?

Which Children's Rights will it promote?


WC 14-11-22

What is the history of Toilet Day?

How does it improve the lives of people around the world?

Launching Toilet Twinning fund-raising event.

WC 7-11-22

When and why were the United Nations formed?

What work does it do to promote Children's Rights?


WC 17-10-22

What is an Eco-School?

What does Whitehouse have to do to become one?

Recruiting Eco-Committee members

WC 10-10-22

Who are our House Captains?

What exciting plans do they have for us this year?

WC 03-10-22

Who is Mo Farah?

What can his life journey tell us about Courage and Perseverance?


WC 26-09-22

How does a Democracy promote the Rights of Children?

What is a Democracy? Is Whitehouse a Democracy?

Can you explain why?


Video made by School Parliament

WC 19-09-22

What is the importance of Pitru Paksha in the Hindu religion?

WC 12-09-22

What is Multiple Sclerosis? How does MS UK support sufferers?

What can we do at Whitehouse to support this worthwhile cause?


WC 05-09-22

Why is it important that every child in the world has access to education?

What can we do to ensure that everyone can access that right in our school?

Archives from previous academic years


Key Stage 1 Assembly

Item from Weekly Bulletin - Friday 8th March 2019


Link to video used in both assemblies

Key Stage 2 Assembly

KS1 Assembly


Click on the picture below to listen to the Last Post.

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We watched pictures of the living conditions of soldiers from World War 1

 and reflected on how they must have felt. 



What words do they use?

Click the link to hear the song


what gestures do they use?





Point for further reflection


Why is it important to know how to greet people from another country?