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SMSC in the Academic Curriculum


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Some of our SMSC events

in 2019-2020


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At Whitehouse Community Primary School, our vision is to

“enable everyone to thrive and achieve their full potential”


As such, we aim to provide all the members of our school community with an inclusive, welcoming and exciting learning and working environment within which they can be happy, thrive and prosper.


At Whitehouse Primary School, we are fully committed to a holistic approach to learning which provides numerous opportunities to enhance the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils whilst promoting the fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Respect and Tolerance.



At Whitehouse Community Primary School, we aim to furnish pupils with a range of exciting learning opportunities which will enable them to develop the attitudes and skills necessary for them to grow into responsible, happy and productive individuals and citizens. This is achieved through an integrated approach to SMSC as illustrated below.



  • Our SMSC philosophy "We are all learners, we are all teachers" indicates that we are all responsible for our own learning but also have a key role to play in enhancing that of others.

  • Our School Policies ensure that there are clear procedures in place to ensure the smooth and safe running of the school as well as the safety of everybody within its walls.


  • The Thrive Approach ensures that the social and emotional development of children is closely monitored and that appropriate strategies are put in place to enhance the well being of all our pupils.


  • Pupils and staff have closely worked together to develop a set of School Rules (Golden Rules) and good Learning Behaviours (the Whitehouse Way) which provide a strong moral compass and sets outs clear guidelines as to how pupils should behave and conduct themselves to maximise their learning in and outside of lessons.


  • We aim to provide a rich and broad Curriculum which is closely matched to the experiences, needs, interests and life goals of the children we serve.


  • The Academic Curriculum is complemented and supplemented by a schedule of carefully planned Assemblies which provide opportunities for pupils to consider and reflect upon a range of topical spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.  Every week, parents are informed of the Assembly Theme through the Weekly Bulletin and encouraged to enhance their child's higher thinking skills by making it a topic of conversation at home.



  • Children enjoy day and residential trips which reinforce the learning taking place in the classroom and maximise opportunities for pupils to find something they excel at; thus improving self-esteem, raising aspirations and acting as a powerful incentive for pupils to work hard to reach their life goal.

  • Whole school events such as "PSHE Curriculum Day", Summer Fair”, “Christmas Fair”, “MacMillan Coffee Morning”, “World Book Day", "Sports’ Day” and “Red Nose Day” bring the whole school community together and provide a memorable and meaningful context within which pupils can live their school’s values.

  • Pupils are given the chance to gain valuable life skills by taking part in a whole range of volunteering Schemes in and outside of lessons (School Parliament, Prefects, TOAST Squad, Sports' Leaders, class monitors, book monitors etc)

  • The school is keen to promote Democracy with all school stakeholders being given the opportunity to play an active role in decision-making.  Parents are encouraged to provide formal and informal feedback at Parents' Evening and through regular surveys.   Pupil Voice is also becoming a strong feature of the school with an array of opportunities for pupils to influence the decisions that affect them. This is done either directly with pupils taking part in surveys or by providing feedback via focus groups as well as expressing their views indirectly through elected representatives such as the School Parliament; the election of which provide pupils with first-hand experience of the democratic process.


  • Whitehouse Community Primary School is committed to enhancing environmental awareness through its own practice.  It is conserving energy by using solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs and promotes recycling in all areas of the school including classrooms, offices and even the Dinner Hall. Recycled materials are also routinely used for Art projects. On the other hand, children are encouraged, through the Academic and Broader Curriculum, to think about their own use of natural resources and their carbon footprint.  With this in mind, Year 5 were recently provided with the opportunity to reflect on the impact of wastage on the environment when they recently visited the new local incinerator at Great Blakeham.


  • Pupils are encouraged to represent their school in a range of local sporting features and tournaments (football, netball, cross-country etc).


  • The school supports a range of charities and regularly raises money or provides donation for: FIND (Families in Need and Dignity), the Royal British Legion, Children in Need, MacMillan Nurses as well as shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.


  • The school has upon time built a strong working relationship with the local community (parents, church, local businesses, local schools, organisations and charities) which it regularly calls upon to enhance pupils' learning. 

Some of our SMSC events

in 2018-2019

Some of our SMSC events

in 2017-2018

Evidence of SMSC

2016 - 2017

(brought to SMSC Information Meeting of Monday 30th January 2017)