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The Whitehouse Curriculum

Enquiry based learning at Whitehouse Community Primary School provides an opportunity for children to act as facilitators of their curriculum.


Each year group follows an enquiry question each half-term. Within enquiry work, the teacher plans for learning opportunities using children's previous knowledge, skills progression and the children's interests. The enquiry curriculum covers geography and history elements of the National Curriculum but is fundamentally cross-curricular incorporating all aspects of learning.


Through this approach children are encouraged to research, investigate and problem solve to inform their learning. This approach encourages children to take ownership of their learning and become engaged, independent and motivated.


Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, using a variety of teaching and learning styles including:


  • Whole class teaching,
  • Collaborative work including, pairs and small group work,
  • Independent work,
  • WOW opportunities that include trips, visitors, visual, auditory and tactile elements.


In addition to the skills linked to particular curriculum areas, we also concentrate on the teaching of our core learning behaviours known as, 'The Whitehouse Way'. These consist of courage, perseverance, responsibility and reflection. These are interwoven throughout our curriculum.


Our curriculum is evaluated and reviewed annually taking into account the successes, the progress made by the children, and the safeguarding needs of our school.  


To find out more about the exciting curriculum at Whitehouse Community Primary, please see the separate curriculum section where the co-ordinators of each subject have shared their aims.


The basic skills of English and Maths are not only taught during morning Maths and English lessons but throughout the curriculum. Our enquiry curriculum is closely aligned with our writing curriculum. In addition,  we believe that additional time is needed to support specific areas. These include: handwriting, grammar, spelling and number skills.