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Year 1

Fruit Salads:


Year 1 have been designing and making their own fruit salads. They used a range of cutting, mixing and peeling skills to create their final product. When evaluating their fruit salads, most children explained that they enjoyed the taste and smell. However, some said that they would change one or two of the fruits they chose. Well done Year 1, they looked good! 

 Punch and Judy Inspired Puppets: 


Year 1 have been designing and sewing their own Punch and Judy inspired puppets. The children really enjoyed designing their puppets. They used a running stitch (with parent/carer support) to join two pieces of fabric together. We were very impressed with the resilience of the children when sewing their puppets. Some children were even able to thread the needle independently! Their finished puppets look amazing! Well done Year 1 and thank you parents/carers for supporting us.