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Summary of Findings - SLT Pupil Perception Survey for RRSA Silver - Feb 22

In February 2022, Whitehouse Senior Leadership Team carried out a Pupil Perception Survey among a dozen of children in Y3 to 6 to identify WWW and EBI prior to our RRSA Silver Accreditation on 31st March 2022.


Please find below the findings of the survey:

  • The children knew that their 42 Children’s Rights were Universal and Unconditional.
  • Altogether, pupils were able to name 10 rights which they said they were aware of through displays, the RRSA Ambassadors, Whitehouse Top Ten, Assemblies, newsletters, PSHE lessons and the mini-cards which all staff carried.
  • Pupils were able to explain how the school enabled them to access their rights and referred to the school having provision in place to promote those (rules to keep them safe, equipment/access for disabled pupils etc).
  • Pupils were aware that not all children had access to their rights due to lack of money or necessity to work/ fight.
  • Students felt safe in school. They reported that people were kind to each other at Whitehouse and they felt confident challenging unacceptable behaviour including reporting it to an adult.
  • Children were happy in school and could name a range of ways the school kept them aware of their progress (movement on behaviour chart, awards, teacher’s feedback, LOs, reports etc).
  • Pupils said that they had opportunities to provide their opinion and that they regularly raised money to support charities around the world.
  • Students acknowledged that the school kept them physically and mentally healthy by teaching them PE twice a week, by using Teach Active in Maths, by offering a range of active after-school clubs and by advising them on how to keep well mentally through Pastoral Support and Thrive.