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Our GOLD journey

  • Whitehouse was delighted to be awarded the RRSA SILVER Award in March 2022.



  • Mme Godet and Mrs Gelling identified What Went Well and Even Better If from the report.
  • In early June, they went to visit an RRSA Gold school in Bury St Edmunds so that they had a better understanding of the standards to achieve to secure a Gold Accreditation.

  • They used the above information to devise their strategy and ensured that all the elements contained in it were integrated into the 2022-2023 SIP.
  • At about the same time, keen to share their success with other schools in the Children Endeavour Trust and encourage them to sign up for the accreditation, the RRSA Committee decided to invite all its Headteachers to an Information Morning about their journey so far.







"I just wanted to express my thanks for an incredible morning. The children were incredibly articulate and passionate about their Rights.They clearly have an outstanding idea of what they are and how they can influence them. The young man who showed me around the school was so enthusiastic about the school and all he has achieved there.

Can you please pass on my thanks to the children and all the staff involved, it was an inspirational morning". 

Mrs Jane Trott – Chilton Community School, Stowmarket

  • In late June, children had the opportunity to take part in a Career Day which saw over 30 local businesses coming to speak to the children about their job.
  • On Thursday 1st September 2022, Mme Godet and Mrs Gelling handed in an information leaflet about Children's Rights to all new staff and governors.
  • They also did a presentation to all teachers about the school's RRSA journey so far as well as the expectations for the new academic year.
  • An Assembly Schedule was put in place to continue to ensure that Whitehouse pupils had opportunities to get acquainted with all the Children's Rights, especially those which might not be covered elsewhere in the school. 







  • In addition, Mme Godet and Mrs Gelling worked with the Deputy Headteacher Ms Siddall, to ensure that Whitehouse Reading Spine (Guided Reading and Recommended Reading books) promoted Diversity and Inclusion. An Excel document was created so that gaps could be identified and remediated over time.


  • Our new RRSA Governor, Cllr Trenchard, met with the RRSA team on 16th October to investigate ways which she could facilitate Whitehouse RRSA journey to Gold. Collaborative work with the Junior Road Safey officers and the Eco-committee were discussed. Cllr Trenchard also forwarded valuable contact details to the Eco-leads which were capitalised upon to raise pupils' awareness of waste in a November assembly..

  • Our first SMSC/RRSA Day of the year focused on Global Citizenship and more particularly on Children’s Rights Article 6 (Right to Life) and Article 24 (right to food, water and shelter).

EYFS Global Citizenship Display

EYFS Global Citizenship Day Display

KS1 Water Display

  • The day, tailor-made to the needs of our school, enabled pupils to gain a better understanding of global issues as well as acquire a deeper knowledge of what life is like for children in developing countries.


  • The day was planned around 4 uplifting books narrating the story of 3 real-life characters who are now helping their community by running a particular charity:


       →  KS1 - The Water Princess
            access to water – Georgie Badiel Foundation raising funds for water pumps.
        → LKS2 - Ada’s violin

             the power of recycled material to change lives. Landfill Harmonic of Cateura is linked
             with charities which aim to empower communities to change their lives for the better
             around the world. 

       → UKS2 – The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind 

            Moving Windmills charity which aims at “inspiring a generation of creative problem