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Our Rights Respecting School Journey

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At Whitehouse Community Primary School, we are committed to continuously improving our provision to enable all the children in our care to develop into happy, caring, responsible and pro-active citizens ready to make a positive contribution to society.




With this in mind, the school applied to become a UNICEF Rights Respecting School in September 2020 and achieved its BRONZE Award in Spring 2021 followed by SILVER in March 2022.


Pupils and staff are currently working towards GOLD which they aim to achieve in early March 2023.





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The process started with Mrs Gelling/Mme Godet doing a presentation to staff and children in early September 2020 and linking all the scheduled assemblies to the UN Convention on the Rights of the child.

  • In September and October 2020, pupils, staff, parents and Governors were surveyed so that the school could identify its starting point. Click on the link below to see pupils' questionnaire: 



  • This information was the starting point for our Action Plan for Silver.


  • Towards the end of November 2020, a "Break the Mould Day" was organised which enabled pupils to familiarise themselves with a range of articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of children, with a particular focus on Article 2 (non discrimination), Article 8 (Identify), Article 23 (children with disabilities) and Article 30 (right to own language and culture). The day started with a Quiz to introduce the above rights as well as raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ Community.

  • During the day, pupils familiarise themselves with all the articles and had the opportunity to choose which ones were the most important to them with a view to identify Whitehouse Top Ten. Class votes were collated and the following chart was produced and shared with the whole school community. 



  • From then on, the above rights were to be known as Whitehouse Top Ten in KS2 and Whitehouse Top Six in KS1.
  • Assemblies for Summer 20-21 were organised around those rights.


Whitehouse was delighted to be awarded Bronze in early Spring 2021 and started working towards Silver straight away.



The first part of our Silver Journey was to submit an Action Plan on how we were going to meet the standards for Silver taking into account our starting point.


Display - Foyer


Display - KS2 corridor

  • In April 2021, due to Covid restrictions, we recruited a temporary RRSA Committee, made up of the School Parliament pupils, Governors and teachers.


  • In the Summer Term, Whitehouse Top Ten rights were introduced to pupils through assemblies led by class teachers.


  • Two display boards were created to enhance whole-school awareness of Children's Rights.
  • In September, Mrs Gelling and Mme Godet produced a presentation to update Governors, teachers, TAs/MDSAs on the progress made so far.

Form filled in by non-teaching staff

  • Ms McCullum kindly agreed to map out the Newsletter items with the Children's Rights logo.


  • Senior members of staff met to map out the Children's articles in the wider Curriculum. This information was made available in all the planning rooms as well as on the website and intranet.

        --> Year 1 Curriculum

        --> Year 2 Curriculum

        --> Year 3 Curriculum

        --> Year 4 Curriculum

        -->Year 5 Curriculum

        -->Year 6 Curriculum


  • All French and PSHE lessons and LOs made reference to children's rights (see above Curriculum maps).


  • 15 children from Y3 to Y5 were recruited to be part of the RRSA Committee.


  • The RRSA Committee started to meet every month to come up with ideas on how to promote children's rights in and out of school.


  • First, they decided to go round the school to see which rights each board promoted.


  • Little cards with the Top 6 and the Top 10  were produced and were given to all children and staff.


  • Peer Mediators were recruited and trained following RRSA Committee's wish for pupils to be "kind and helpful" to each other.

Peer Mediators' training

Peer Mediation at Whitehouse VIDEO1.mp4

Still image for this video

  • An RRSA Day was organised for Friday on 25th November whose aim was to consoldiate pupils' understanding of rights as well as provide them with strategies to be better friends to their peers.


  • Each class were provided with a set of enlarged childen's rights to enable easy reference to children's rights as and when required throughout the day.