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At Whitehouse, we are keen to provide pupils with opportunities to have a say in the decisions which affect them. 


This is done through regular survey as well as through a number of pupil-representing bodies such as the School Parliament, the Prefects, the House Captains, the TOAST Team, the Eco-Committee, the Sports Prefects and the Library Assistants. 


Involving pupils in the life of the school enable them to feel valued and provides them with opportunities to develop important life skills such as communication, problem solving, team work, leadership etc which will serve them well in adult life.  


Pupil representatives are recruited either through applying for a position (Prefects, TOAST Team, Sports Prefects, Eco-Committee and Library Assistants) or by being voted in (School Parliament, House Captains)  This gives students the chance to learn more about the recruitment process as well as about Democracy. 


It is never too early to talk to children about what they want to be in the future and what is involved in applying for a job.


Advice on how you could help your child choose his/her future career can be found below.

Pupil Representing Bodies

Pupils' Surveys


Summary of findings - Pupils' Survey - 2019-2020