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Welcome to the Pastoral Page!


Nicola Brinkley and Kate Gotts are the Pastoral team here at Whitehouse Community Primary School. Our role is to work alongside you as parents, and of course the children that attend the school. We are the ones to contact if you have any concerns, issues or worries you wish to raise or discuss.


There are many ways we can help, both on a practical and emotional level, to support you and your family. This can be anything from problems at home to a family crisis, sleep, finances, housing concerns, a parent in prison, bereavement and loss, to issues around cyber bullying and domestic abuse.


We do not have all the answers but we can put you in touch with other services and agencies who may be able to support you.


We are here to listen and offer support and advice. We are usually on duty in the mornings and afternoon at drop off and collection, so you can speak to us then or you can call in at the office and fill in a meeting request form. We are also contactable on the school number 01473 741249 option 4.


We are also both part of the Safeguarding Team and trained Designated Safeguarding Leads (alternate), dedicated to ensuring your child/ren's safety and wellbeing, along with Mr Williams, Mrs Hall and Mrs Porter.


Below is some information that may be useful to you. If you would like any further information, then please give us a call on the number above. If there are any suggestions of information that you would like added to the Pastoral Tab, please send an email 'FAO N Brinkley' to


In School Support:



The Common Assessment Framework is a way of working with families who may need additional support through difficult times. This framework puts the families needs at the heart of decisions made. The aim is for everyone, including children, young people and parents/carers to agree the first steps and types of support that will help families work their way out of problems and resolve difficulties. For further information see the website below or contact the Pastoral Team for more information: