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Welcoming and meeting Maureen from the Food Bank

In late September we welcomed Mrs Reynel from the charity FIND.  She met with the School Parliament to talk about the importance of the food bank and how it helps the community.  The children had lots of questions and were interested to learn all about the charity and what it does.  Thank you to everyone who kindly donated items.  Thank you also to Miss S McCullum and Mrs C Shalka for organising the visit.


The children have been invited by Mrs Reynel to visit the charity and take part in making some food parcels ready to be collected by families.  


They are very interested in the school taking part in the charity's Christmas Tree project

These were some of the comments made by children when they reflected on the things they had learnt:


‘People need to respect what they have because some people don’t have all those things.’ 


‘I think it is important to give to Food Banks because otherwise people might do illegal things to get food.’ 


‘It is sad that some people are poor and don’t even have a house.’ 


‘If you see some poor people, you could get to the shop and get them some hot food.’