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Feedback from our Eco-assessor:

Letter from the CEO

"We have noticed a huge change in the energy usage at school as well as how much rubbish has been thrown away." Site team

"I have loved seeing the children take ownership over their own rubbish and recycling and I have learnt so much from them about what can and cannot be recycled." Mrs Barrett - Local business owner


"I have noticed a change in the children's’ awareness of recycling in outside the classroom. I have enjoyed seeing children's enthusiasm for this and listening to them talking about how plastic can affect our climate." Mrs Gooch


"I have enjoyed the art day especially learning about different recycling." Mr Trimmer.


"I have improved my knowledge of energy and now make sure I always switch the lights off when they aren’t needed. I enjoyed learning about eco-schools so that we can make a brighter future." Kezzia - Year 3


"I have learnt that I should turn the lights off when we are not in the classroom. I really enjoyed making the art for the art exhibition." Rebecca - Year 5


"I have loved taking part in litter picks at school and then making art including elephants out of the rubbish." Daisy - Year 2


Parent feedback