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Online Safety at Whitehouse Community Primary School


Welcome to the Online Safety page, where you will find information about how to keep you and your children safe online. Online Safety involves making sure that when you and your children are using the internet you are protected from the bad stuff, and that you know what to do if you find any inappropriate content or anything that concerns you.


Online Safety Lead


Mrs Cox is the current Online Safety Lead for Whitehouse Community Primary School. If you have any questions relating to online safety, either for your children or for yourself, she is available to meet after school. Please contact the main office to make an appointment.

Let's Talk About Life Online


As a parent or carer, the best tool to support your child in leading a happy and safe life online is open conversation.


This Parents' Guide gives advice on how to begin these discussions, how to work together as a family to support your child online, and how to handle difficult conversations or situations. Each section has examples of questions to use to start conversations around safe and positive internet use, and key messages to share with your child. 

BT Internet Legends Roadshow 2019

The children used hands to make choices online
The children learnt how to make a safe password

Safer Internet Day Competition - Children designed a picture or model of what they think the internet looks like.

Winning Entry - A web of places around the world
Winning Entry - Connections around the globe
Runner Up - Sparkling messages crossing the Earth
Runner Up - An octapus with apps for arms

Toast Squad Challenges:


The TOAST Squad have been meeting regularly and doing some great work to improve online safety at our school. Each week they choose a challenge to work through and collect evidence for.


Screen Time: The toast squad delivered lessons to al year 5 classes all about screen time and how too much screen time can have a negative impact on your sleep, your health and your relationships. She children carried out a survey and analysed their results. This is what they found:

Screen Time Survey Results

Congratulations to our new year 5 TOAST squad members 2018-2019:


These children will be completing online safety challenges, leading assemblies and delivering important messages about keeping safe online to the children at Whitehouse.

If you ever have a problem to do with online safety, you can always talk to us!

Online Safety Logo Competition


In December 2017 we launched a Key Stage Two competition to design a new Online Safety Logo. The logo will go onto our Online Safety Display and be used on all Online Safety Letters and posters around the school. We had lots of amazing entries but the winning design came from Miley F in Badgers.

Here is the winning design...


Online Safety Winning Logo Design - Miley F

Acceptable use policies:


To be able to use the computers at school, every child from Reception to Year 6 has to agree to a set of rules. This is to keep them safe online, and to make sure that the internet is a safer place for everyone. You will also have been given the chance to sign this (as well as your child) at parents' evening. The policies are available for you to look at below.

Useful Links


Setting up parental controls: this is incredibly quick and easy, and we would recommend that you do it to every digital device in your home. Most internet providers also allow you to do this to your broadband, which means that everything accessing the internet through this is automatically protected. See which will take you through setting up these controls on most devices. If your device isn’t listed, try searching for a “How to” guide on YouTube – for example, search “How to set up parental controls on a PS4”.

Parent info: this site is kept up to date with all sorts of useful information about current issues affecting children on the internet. For example, do you really know what your child can access with the video games they got for Christmas?


Want to find some good games or sites for your kids? Common Sense Media provides information about games, websites, apps, films and TV aimed at parents and children - along with reviews from other parents. They also find new apps/websites which are good for you to use to help your children learn.


Worried about who your child might be talking to online? On the 'Think-u-know' site run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre you can get helpful advice on different services, as well as report concerns around grooming or exploitation: 


Parents at Google UK talking about child safety online

Parents from the Google London office talking about their approach to helping their own children stay safe online. For more tips and advice visit

CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Cartoon 'Lee & Kim' if you have small children from 4 -- 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them safe whilst online and more importantly, this cartoon teaches them in their early years.

Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

This is an assembly from CEOPs Thinkuknow education programme that helps children to understand what constitutes personal information. The assembly enables children to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world.