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At Whitehouse, our aim is not only for children to learn about History, but to learn to think like historians.

Asking questions is the key to being a great historian, questions like:


What was life like for people at a particular time? Was it the same for everyone? How do we know it was like this? One does one writer describe an event in a certain way and another describe it very differently?

Now it is easy to find out about the past on the internet, but how did all this information get there in the first place?


We endeavour to give children access to a wide range of experiences and materials to supports children’s learning in history, which could be stories, written records, photos and portraits, video clips, music and artefacts.


Children begin developing their skills as historians from EYFS with a hands on, play-based approach, deepening their understanding as they progress through Key Stage One and Two.


These skills are defined in five broad areas:

Chronological understanding

Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

Historical Enquiry

Historical Interpretation

Organisation and Communication