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House System

At Whitehouse Community Primary School, we are committed to developing the Spiritual, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of learning for all pupils.  We are keen to provide them with an array of learning opportunities which will enable them to develop the skills and attitudes needed for them to grow into responsible, well-adjusted, pro-active citizens as well as fulfilled and happy indicivuals. 


With this in mind, the school introduced a House System in September 2018 which provides provide an exciting context for pupils to hone their "Life Skills", develop their Voice as well as gain a better understanding of British Values such as Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Respect and Tolerance.


The benefits of having a House System are well documented.  Please find below a summary of what they are:

Features of the House System

Benefits for the children

Enhanced pastoral care and support provided by the small House family - fellow House members and Heads of Houses - within the larger “family” which is Whitehouse Community Primary School

  • Increased sense of well-being (feeling cared for, safe and valued)
  • Enhanced self-esteem

Opportunity to form meaningful relationship with pupils of all ages within the House

  • Opportunity to develop personal and social skills
  • reduced risk of bullying
  • additional support for each child to fulfil their full potential

House point system


  • strong incentive for pupils to work hard, behave well and do their best at all times
  • Opportunity for all achievements – whether academic or not – to be recognised and rewarded (raised self-esteem)
  • Increased sense of belonging and team spirit

House Events, Competitions

  • Chance for pupils to use their Voice and make a difference to their school
  • Opportunity to gain valuable life skills (teamwork, leadership, collaboration)
  • Additional opportunities and incentives for pupils to participate and to find something that they will excel in thus improving their self-esteem and determination to succeed

This is how we recruit Whitehouse House Captains