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Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

One of the things that we are extremely proud of at Whitehouse CP School is being able to offer regular opportunities for our pupils to take part in extra-curricular activities.  Our after-school clubs are always very popular and they always have a great uptake.


Intent of our Extra-Curricular Sports Provision


We offer our pupils an extensive extra-curricular sports provision throughout the academic year. The aim of our after school sports clubs are to provide our pupils with the opportunity to continue to extend their learning, develop their knowledge and understanding, and progress their skill levels within sports/activities outside of their curriculum based PE lessons. Each of our sports clubs are funded by the school and are FREE to all pupils. We feel that this provides ALL pupils within our school the opportunity to access the clubs, and promotes an inclusive extra-curricular provision. The activities chosen as part of the extra-curricular sports provision consist of sports that relate to the following:


  • Level 2 competitions, festivals, or fixtures that are attended throughout the year.
  • Enjoyment and popularity of the sport / activity.
  • Expertise and experience of staff.
  • Introduce pupils to, and provide opportunity to experience, sports that are not covered in the PE curriculum and maybe difficult to access outside of school i.e. Frisbee Golf, Table Tennis, Yoga, Fit4Fun, and Tri-Golf. 



Implementation of our Extra-Curricular Provision


Signing Up Process


During 2017/18 the sign up was reviewed and improved from the previous year. As a result, we no longer operate a ‘first come, first served’ to the first 20 pupils signing up to the club. Instead, we now, where physically possibly, allocate each pupil with at least one of their choices. This therefore allows for an increased number of pupils being able to access the variety of clubs on offer. Parents will be informed of their child’s place at a club via text message.


Where it has not been possible to initially provide pupils with a space within a club, they will be added to the clubs reserve list and informed (by text) if a place becomes available. There is an expectation that pupils that have a space in a sports club will attend the club each week (unless absent through illness or injury). Any pupil that fails to attend, missing two weeks, will forfeit their space to another pupil from the reserve list.


Extra-curricular clubs letters for the forthcoming half term will be made available at the end of the each half term. Please note the return date on the letters to avoid disappointment.


Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs Logistics


Duration:  Sports clubs will run for a half term at a time. Exception to this could be a continuation of a club due to its popularity with pupils, or a short half term. Please note that in these cases pupils are asked to again sign up for club for the next half term.


Timings: All sports clubs run from 3:15pm – 4:10pm


Pick Up: Unless otherwise informed, EYFS, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 sports clubs will dismiss their pupils from Marlow Rd Hall exits. Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 sports clubs will be dismissed from Waterford Rd Gates.


What Sports Activities and Opportunities Have we Offered our Pupils? 


Impact of our Extra-Curricular Sports Provision


Since arriving at Whitehouse CP School in 2017, Mr Jordan (PE Specialist /Teacher) has set out to develop the quality and opportunities of our after-school sports provision. The graphs below show the continual development of the extra-curricular provision opportunities and levels of pupil participation to the clubs overtime since 2016.




Despite the COVID-19 restrictions and disruptions, we were still able to continue our extra-curricular provision. As a result we were able to continue to provide our pupils with continued opportunities to access free after school sports clubs, increase opportunities to access a variety of sports and activities, and promote increased activity levels in COVID-safe environment. The graphs below show the continued levels of pupil participation to our after school clubs in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions. 



Post COVID-19 Sports Clubs Data