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September 2023


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the PSQM - Primary Schools Quality Mark 2023. 


This reflects the high quality science teaching and learning across the school. 


Please see our portfolio of evidence showing all our hard work over the last 2 years to achieve this award. 



Here is some of the fantastic feedback we recieved from the reviewer


What a great idea to have a Y6 competition to design a poster, which is now on
display in all classrooms, based on a SCIENCE acrostic!


Your Y5 science ambassadors play a key role in this and the portfolio
shows their impact. Well done!


Science enquiry has been a focus for development during PSQM. A key need was
to promote children’s independence; EYFS use forest school to explore and other
opportunities have been planned in for all year groups to work more


You have worked hard to engage families to develop children’s science capital.
During remote learning, it is impressive how much families engaged with this and
it’s lovely to see a Y1 child inspired to create their own lava lamp!


The crime scene investigation looks particularly interesting - this
would definitely develop skills such as asking questions and making observations!


I enjoyed reviewing this submission because the SLs’ passion for their subject shines through. The school has developed a shared vision of science, which is beginning to be embedded, and staff and children feel they have ownership of this. Your Year 5 science ambassadors play a key role in supporting staff and children. It is clear that the teaching and learning of science have improved and some aspects of good practice have already been shared with local schools.
Congratulations to everyone involved in teaching and learning science at
Whitehouse Community Primary School!