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Year 1

Where do we live?

Are we there yet?

How does the weather change during the year?

Why was London on fire in 1666?

What continents and Oceans make up our world?

Why do we love the seaside?

Year 2

What was life like living in a castle?

Why are Kings and Queens important?

What is it like to live in our local area?

How do animal habitats differ around the world?

Where does my food come from?

Why did people try to fly?

Year 3What was life like in the Stone Age?How did life change during the Bronze and Iron Age?

How can maps help me understand the UK?

Who are our European Neighbours?

Who are the Romans and how did they affect life in Britain?

How does a river get from its source to the sea?

Year 4

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

Who were the Vikings?

What different landscapes do we have in the UK and how are they used?

What was life like for a Victorian child?

Where are the rainforests and deserts around the world and why are they there?Why is the Amazon important and how has it changed over time?
Year 5

What was life like in Ancient Greece?

Why would a tourist visit modern Greece?

What was important to the people of the Maya Civilisation?

How is Fairtrade fair?

How is Climate change affecting this world?

What was life like under the reign of Henry the 8th?

Year 6

Why does the earth shake?

How did life change for children during World War 2?

What was life like in Ancient Egyptian times?

What are the US states like and how do they vary?

How does the sea shape the coast?What key events shaped Britain's future in the Middle ages?


National Curriculum for Geography - Key Stage 1 and 2

Comments from OFSTED regarding Geography - 6th June 2019


Pupils have a wide range of opportunities to learn about different faiths and cultures. The school promotes celebrating diversity within its local community. 


There is a determination by leaders for pupils to experience activities that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to try. Pupils visit the beach, have careers days and learn about what it is like to be healthy and how to be mindful of their emotional health and well-being.


The school curriculum is broad and balanced. Pupils have access to a wide range of different experiences as part of the school curriculum. Whole-school themed days bring the curriculum alive for pupils. They are appreciative of the opportunities they are offered. Work is showcased in vibrant displays around the school.


The enquiry curriculum is closely aligned to the school’s writing curriculum. This helps the pupils to make links in their learning between different subjects.


Assessment practice in foundation subjects such as science, history and geography is at an early stage. Subject leaders are aware that the same rigorous systems and processes implemented in English and mathematics would further develop these areas of learning for pupils.